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Blanket Spring Cleaning!!

Get Ready for Spring! We’ve partnered with Jena McCormick from JM Equine Design to get our Spring cleaning off to an early start. After a cold, wet, and muddy Winter, it’s time to get your horse’s laundry done, and if needed, mended as well. She also offers embroidery and monogram services.


NEW-->Laundry Pickup Date: April 15th

For Whom: Boarders and Students of FTS

What you can Include: Horse blankets, coolers, hoods, fly masks, and sheets (no saddle pads or sports boots, please).

How to prepare: Gather your horse’s laundry, place all items in a bag, and drop them off in the designated area PRIOR to the April 15th pick-up date.

IMPORTANT! Please write or affix your name to BOTH the item AND the bag (that way, when they are separated for cleaning they can be returned to the correct person).

Where to Drop off: Drop off at Fallen Timber Stables – IN THE OFFICE at the Main barn!

Payment Instructions

Laundering: Using the pricing list below, leave your check (made payable to Jena McCormick) WITH your bag of items.

Repairs: If you are also having repairs done, she will leave a bill for the repairs with your items when she returns them.



Coolers $20

No Fill Sheets $15

Winter Blankets $20

Hoods $10

Fly Masks $ 5


The blanket wash reactivates remaining water repellant features of the existing item if it already had waterproof properties. The wash fully removes ground in dirt, grime, bacteria, urine, viruses and mold that could be within your horse’s soiled items. The washing solution she uses is safe for all blanket fabrics, and does not harm any pre-existing waterproofing treatments already on the items. All blankets are hung to air dry.


No Fill Sheets $15

Winter Blankets $15

Hoods $ 5

Carriers/Covers $ 5

For a small additional cost, you can have your items treated with waterproofing. The waterproofing she uses is a high-end solution for tough fabrics and conditions, and also has UV protectants to help guard items for constant sunlight. (The longer the fabric is in the sun unprotected, the quicker your fabric deteriorates.)


Mending starts at $5 and varies based on the extent of the repair. Mending can include, but is not limited to: hardware replacements, strap replacements, hole/tear mending, trim mending, and Velcro replacements.

Note: If a chest buckle needs fixed, it is easier to replace (cost is $8).

Jena delivers quality work, but please keep in mind, the quality of the repair is proportionate to the extent of the damage.

Embroidery & Monogramming


Straight font size, no formatting $3/Letter

Have your own design $2/1000 Count


Set up (includes formatting time) $7 Flat Rate

Letters $3/Letter

Items must be freshly clean before any embroidery or monogramming takes place. She offers embroidery and monogramming for other articles, too! If you have other pieces you’d like embroidered, please contact her for details (rates are the same).

Contact information

For questions on JM Equine Design services, contact Jena McCormick:

285 Sawmill Road

Saltsburg, PA 15681

919-780-8126 (call or text)

For questions on drop-off logistics, contact Terri Willey:

1501 Fallen Timber Road

Elizabeth, Pa 15037

412-401-9323 (call or text)

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