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Highlights from the Picnic

It's been such a crazy week and a half! Finally, a few minutes to post pictures from the March 12th barrel show at Waynesburg! It was an awesome day for our "Kick Off The Season" party! The weather was forgiving, the food was awesome, and birthday cake happened! (Happy Birthday, once again to Melissa Green and Rene Weber Gebhart!)

Our team members have shown such improvement (testament to all of the hard work everyone has put in).

Many thanks to all who brought food, set up, broke down, and an extra special Thank you to Joel--you grill awesome noms!

Brianna, Noel, and Katie gettin' their gameface on.

The most amazing Macaroni and Cheese of Win! Jen's recipe can't be beat.

The Master Chef, Joel, hard at work.

Always, always....leave room for cake.

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