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Happening Tonight at the barn!!

We have a fun-filled evening scheduled at Fallen Timber Stables tonight , July 7th, beginning at 5pm! Hope you can make it! Check it out....

Shopping (5PM - 7PM )

Shady Acres Saddlery will be at Fallen Timber Stables from 5pm -7pm tonight. They are bringing their tack trailer! If you want anything specific, hurry up and call the shop to catch them before they leave and they will bring it with them!

WPYRA Jacket Fitting (7PM - 8PM ) WPYRA Jacket fitting for all members and family will be held tonight at Fallen Timber Stables from 7pm to 8pm.

And the pièce de résistance...

Jackpot Barrels and Jackpot Poles! (Starts at 8PM -- til we're done) All Fallen Timber Stables students and WPYRA members are welcome to run in the event.

$10.00 each horse entered each class. Entry fees payable at signup. Cash only. Paybacks are cash as well.

NOTE: This is a closed competition for WPYRA members and FTS boarders and students only! If you are hauling in please RSVP.

Please do not park in front of the main barn. The Public is welcome to come watch, cheer on the students and WPYRA members, and shop with Shady Acres!


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