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Christmas in July!

T’was the night before Saturday,

That makes it Friday, I guess.

Miss Terri was woeful her horses weren’t at their best.

Spice was all sassy, and Jasper, unsound.

With Bud in the background, just hanging around.

“I have nothing to ride!” She cried to Lew.

He said, with a frown, “What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing, I guess. I’m just pouting, you know.

The kids are at Dime, and the Buckies are at the world show!”

But soon her phone rang with a clang and a clatter.

She pressed the button to see what was the matter.

“I have a horse for you!” Said the voice in excitement.

“A horse I can ride?” Terri asked in enticement.

“Yes, a horse for your very own to ride”

To chase those cans and win by a stride!”

“Please!” and “Thank you!” She squealed into the phone.

“But oh, dear and oh my, how will I get him home?”

The question then came,

By car or by train?

No, not those, by trailer of course,

By trailer and truck, we’ll bring you your horse!

And so Miss Terri waited the day,

Excited and hoping there was no delay.

Soon after lunch the trailer rolled in.

Now! Finally now! Some barrel racing could begin!

Harley stepped off the back lookin’ cute as a bug.

She jumped up and down and gave him a hug!

Now she can ride, he’ll race with the best

Harley’s here to stay and dressed to impress!

© 2016 Dianna M. Burnett

Santa checked his list, and seeing Jasper was still on the mend and the youngsters were still learning, he decided Christmas should come early for Terri Willey at Fallen Timber Stables.

Santa had a little help from Shauni Leftwich and Shandi Metzinger Scales. And being there was no snow for the sleigh, he enlisted the help of Pamela Bowersock to haul him home. And what to our wandering eyes did appear? There's a new Buckskin in town! Friday saw the arrival of Terri's new horse, Tuff Oklahoma Harlan ("Harley" for short).

Congratulations, Terri, on your new steed!

Only hear a few days, and Harley is already showing his stuff! Look for this pair to turn and burn 'em!

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