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Blanket Laundering

Get Ready for Spring! We’ve partnered with Colleen Marie to get our Spring cleaning off to an early start. After a cold, wet, and muddy Winter, it’s time to get your horse’s laundry done, and if needed, minor repairs as well.


Laundry Pickup Date: April 3rd

For Whom: This is a barn event for Boarders Only

What you can Include: Horse blankets, coolers, and sheets (no saddle pads, etc., please.)

How to prepare: Gather your horse’s laundry, place all items in a bag, and drop them off in the lounge area PRIOR to the April 3rd pick-up date.

-->> IMPORTANT! Please write or affix your name and phone number to BOTH the item AND the bag (that way, when they are separated for cleaning they can be returned to the correct person).

Where to Drop off: Drop off at Fallen Timber Stables – IN THE LOUNGE at the Main barn!

Note from barn management: Once you receive your clean winter blanket back, barn management is asking that you take all winter blankets home, and not store them at the barn. (For questions or clarification, please contact either Alex Marshall or Amy McCay).

Payment Instructions Laundering: $20 for EACH blanket (cooler, sheet, etc.) paid in ADVANCE.

Repairs: Colleen will do minor repairs. If you are also having repairs done, leave your number with a note about the repair and she will contact you.

Contact information

For questions on cleaning and minor repairs, Colleen Marie.

For questions on drop-off logistics, contact Amy McCay.

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