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Vet Visit Scheduled for May 26, 2017

Dr. Dara Brown from Allegheny Equine will be at Fallen Timber Stables on Friday, May 26, 2017. Please make sure you leave your check in the mail box prior to the 26st! (Or call their office with your credit card number). The Notice/Sign-Up Sheet (along with costs and fees), is posted on the bulletin board in the main barn. Please remember to confirm your horse(s) is on the list by placing a check mark next to their name(s) and the maintenance to be performed. Scheduled Health Maintenance:

  • EWT+WN

  • Flu/Rhino Vaccine

  • Fecal Test* (See explanation below)

Optional Vetting:

  • Coggins (leave copy of papers)

Additional Vetting:

  • If anyone's horse needs additional vetting during this time, please contact Allegheny Equine, directly, to coordinate an exam.

Payment Methods:

  • To pay by credit card, call their office.

  • To pay by check, leave it in the designated box PRIOR to May 26, 2017.

If you are making other arrangements to have this vetting done, please indicate next to your horse's name and have all vetting completed by May 26, 2017.

*Fecal Based Worming is a worming program based on the fecal egg count for each individual horse. The idea behind it is to deworm only the horses needing dewormed when they need it rather that a blanketed rotational worming for every horse in the barn. Rotational deworming can result in unnecessary treatments, and promotes resistance to the produces currently available. Fecal-based deworming works best when applied to the entire barn.

NOTE: It is mandatory all horses stabled at Fallen Timber Stables, LLC receive dewormer and all inoculations as recommended by our attending veterinarian.

Contact either Alex Marshall or Amy McCay if you have any questions.

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