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Saddle Fitting Event--Additional Update

Date: Sunday, February 21, 2016 Time: Noon Where: Fallen Timber Stables Who: This is a closed event for Fallen Timber Stables students and boarders, only. Teresa, from Shady Acres Saddlery, will be at Fallen Timber Stables with a selection of saddles in a variety of requested brands and sizes (from 14"-16"). She will assist with fitting to get the best possible match for both horse and rider.

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, there is a sign up sheet with time slots posted on the bulletin board at the stable. Sign up as soon as possible. Please make a concerted effort to keep your time slot! If you miss your reserved time, your name will be moved to the bottom of the list so you will still have the opportunity to meet with Teresa for saddle selection and fit.

Brands include Tex Tan, Circle Y, Double J, and Martin. She will bring several gently used saddles as well. Attendees will be able to try the saddles, provided:

  • The horse is clean

  • Footwear is clean

  • No dark blue/black jeans, please

  • Update: Per Shady Acres Saddlery's request, for those coming to try out saddles, please either wear or bring A PAIR OF SWEAT PANTS to ride in so the saddles don't get scratched or marked from "bling," rivets, and other hardware embellishments.

Payment: Shady Acres accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and trade-ins (Saddles being traded in must be cleaned prior to transaction). Inquire with Teresa for layaway policies. Merchandise exchange/return policy is posted here on their website. Contact Terri Willey with any questions.

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