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Sharon Camarillo Clinic - PLEASE READ!

We are so excited the clinic is this weekend!! Please read the following as it is important information you will need if you are attending the clinic as a rider:

Grain & Hay Arrangements

Fallen Timber Stables boarders riding in the clinic, please check in with Alex Marshall ASAP to be sure you have enough grain and hay ready to take with you! There will not be grain or hay available on site.

Thursday Arrival

The arena location is approximately 2.5 hours away. For those trailering in on Thursday, stalls will not be available until after 4pm. If you arrive Thursday evening, (instead of Friday morning), there is an additional $10 stall fee, payable directly to the facility.

Friday Morning - Very IMPORTANT

  • Arrive at the facility no later than 9:00am!

  • Report to the Entry Booth to register before saddling—schedules will be handed out at this time

  • Riders must be tacked up, and on his or her horse in the arena by 10:15am

  • Warm up from 10:15am – 1045am

  • At the start of the clinic, all riders will make a completion run

GPS address

Hilltop Arena 12321 Ideal Rd Cambridge, Ohio 43725

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