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Sharon Camarillo Clinic - In Conclusion

The Sharon Camarillo Clinic proved to be a most amazing weekend of learning, sharing, sweat, tears, triumphs and cheers! So much went into making the clinic a success. We'd like to take a moment to extend huge big huge Thank Yous to:

Sharon Camarillo and Donna Irvin for sharing their wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm, providing honest feedback and sincere encouragement, and pushing the riders to new levels, giving them solid tools they can take home and apply in training.

Amy McCay for pouring countless hours of her own time behind the scenes in assisting Terri Willey, and also cooking and running the concession stand.

Teresa Sico and her son, Andy, of Shady Acres Saddlery for setting up on site and having a great selection of Sharon Camarillo bits and tack along with other merchandise.

Beau Bowman for being Mr. Fix It and assisting with running last minute errands!

Brianna McCay for playing videographer during the competition runs.

Also to Brianna McCay and Noel Arbes for taking care of Jasper for Terri this weekend!

"Sheldon," Dianna Burnett, for her technical expertise in getting the headsets working, supplying video equipment, and competition run playbacks.

An extra big thank you to Autumn Thompson for the use of her beautiful facility. The arena was in perfect condition, and she made everyone feel comfortable and welcome, even getting up at 3am to fix the pump for the well!

And we can’t forget a heartfelt thank you to all the moms and husbands who came for the weekend and offered their support!

To quote Sharon Camarillo, "It is amazing what can be accomplished when passionate people share a common goal!"

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